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I Had a Problem with Thinning Hair November 17, 2016

I was mortified when I saw the back of my head not that long ago. I knew that my hair was thinning, but I had no idea that so much of my scalp was actually visible as a result. I am sure most people would not even really notice unless they were really close, but it is still something that bothered me a good bit. I knew that I had to find the best dermatologist in Palm Desert to help me with this. I wasn’t even sure who I was to see until I started doing some online research about hair loss.

That is where I learned that a dermatologist is the best doctor to see for something like this. I also read where the hair loss could be a result of several different things. Sometimes it is caused by a medical condition or even medication that a person is taking, and it can also be genetic. No one in my family has had hair loss issues like this, but I knew that it could have skipped a generation as well. There could also be a problem with my thyroid, which is something that the dermatologist would be able to find out as well.

I then went online and was able to find a really good doctor that is not that far from me. I was able to read about the different treatment options that they perform there, and I felt comfortable just from reading their website. I made the appointment, and I was happy to be able to get in without having to wait for weeks like other doctors do. She ran some tests, and it was determined that I would need to do a hair transplant treatment if I wanted to have my thick hair back. I had no problem doing that, and I am completely happy with the results. I love looking in the mirror again.

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