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Our Daughter’s First Experiments with Makeup September 24, 2016

The secrets we tell our daughters as they begin to grow up. Probably most of them they already know. That is, if they pay attention to our daily routines of getting ready to go to work or go out for the evening. Our daughter was beginning to want to wear makeup, and she was having trouble with her eyelashes. She wanted to know how I had such thick and long eyelashes and she did not. I told her about Wimpernserum. My eyelash look is not natural. It is from a bottle. I explained that for what we lack in genetics, there are options to use to bring out the best look. However, I warned her about not going overboard. I just showed her some before and after pictures of some celebrity plastic surgery mistakes. I never want her going that route.

I do not have a problem with buying hair coloring or makeup to keep what we have looking its best. But I am a naturalist when it comes to the plastic surgery. Of course it is up to the individual. Sometimes it can boost self-confidence. Just please do not do what some of the Hollywood folks have done to themselves. If you need something fixed, get them to make it look real and natural. The Amazonian Barbie look is not for me! My grandmother and mother both have thin eyelashes that are short and stumpy. The Wimpernserum worked for me, so I told them about it. Now the news of it has spread to other women in our family who struggle to get better looking eyelashes.

The day our daughter began to express an interest in makeup was the day I started to teach her how I do it. If you leave a teenage girl alone to chose her makeup, there is no telling what may happen. I showed her how to enhance her natural beauty rather than painting herself up to look clownish. There were some girls in her school who had that kind of look.

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