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Teaching Good Oral Healthcare to Kids is Important October 15, 2016

My son thinks it is cool to have his dentist be the team dentist for the Denver Broncos. I am not into football, but I am happy that he does listen to his dentist. My sister has a tough time getting her kids to brush and floss. The little rascals will do a halfhearted job of it, and she often has to monitor them through the process. Our dentist in Aurora is helpful in the regard of our children having a desire to care for their own teeth. There is a difference in the results too. Our kids do not have cavities, and my sister’s kids basically have terrible teeth.

I don’t get it, because my sister and her husband have nice white smiles. Her two kids have a yellow cast to their teeth, have had to get cavities filled and they often have awful breath. My husband and I do not have perfect teeth. I have some caps, and he has a partial. However, our children have nice white straight teeth, and they take care of them. They are sure to ask me to get them a new toothbrush every three months. They use mouthwash and a fluoride rinse, and they floss using the soft ribbon floss. They do it at least twice daily without fail, and the effort shows. They do not have a cavity in their teeth, and I have never smelled bad breath on either one of them.

I think my sister’s son has been experimenting with snuff, and that is a sure way to ruin your teeth and be under the threat of getting oral cancers. My neighbor lost three lower teeth to his long-term use of snuff. He had to buy a partial that cost more than my first used car! It just goes to show you that a good dentist that educates and informs is a help to parents who are trying to teach good oral health.

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